serverCONDO is a professional dedicated server hosting company. Our goal is to provide world class services at the most affordable price range to our customers around the world. Our hosting solutions come with superior technology and quality support so that you experience what effective web hosting is all about.

Customer Service

Our team members are dedicated professionals, experienced and knowledgeable in their domain. Unlike some other dedicated server hosts, at serverCONDO you will always have access to our US based 24×7 customer support to give you help regarding any questions that you may have. Our 24×7 prompt support mechanism will ensure uninterrupted server performance and maximum uptime for your servers. It’s good to have someone you can talk to, especially when it comes to something as important as your server.

Server Performance and Sustainability

At serverCONDO, we’re proud to offer cutting-edge server technology that consumes less than 89% of the energy of traditional server models/configurations in less than 80% of the space. We only use original hardware from the best brands in the market which seals our server reliability. Our fast and reliable servers come with our Five Nines (99.999%) uptime guarantee.

For any unprecedented errors, our tech experts are available 24×7. Our highly redundant networking ensures comprehensive reliability and consistency in your server performance. Faster speed and greater reliability with a fraction of the energy consumption and space of traditional servers, all at a lower cost than our competitors.

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Traditional server hosting has reached a point where the space, power and cost demands of traditional technology are no longer sustainable. As one of the fastest growing industries in terms of their energy consumption, IT companies must concentrate on maximizing energy and space efficiencies in order to effectively manage their energy ecosystem both inside and outside the data center.

Most so-called green server hosting companies continue to use traditional rack server technology and then simply purchase Renewable Energy Credits (RECs). This does not solve the underlying problems of high energy consumption inherent in the traditional rack server model because it does not guarantee that the electricity use for which the REC was purchased will cancel out demand for “dirty,” coal-fired electricity locally.

Next Generation Servers

Rather than continuing to employ outdated and energy inefficient technology or purchasing RECs to offset dirty energy, we at serverCONDO have cut our energy consumption through the use of HP’s innovative new Moonshot servers, which share management, power, cooling, networking and storage, all while using a fraction of the energy. This innovative technology consumes roughly 89% less energy and 80% less space compared to traditional rack servers, which means that we’re able to achieve efficiencies in our energy consumption unparalleled in the industry.

“With nearly 10 billion devices connected to the internet and predictions for exponential growth, we’ve reached a point where the space, power, and cost demands of traditional technology are no longer sustainable. HP Moonshot marks the beginning of a new style of IT that will change the infrastructure economics and lay the foundation for the next 20 billion devices. “

~ Meg Whitman, HP CEO

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